• July 2015

Boux Opens in Aberdeen

Theo recently travelled to The Granite City to launch the latest Boux Avenue store located in the Union Square shopping mall.

Dozens gathered outside to watch him cut the ribbon and then posed for a photograph with the businessman.

Theo said he had been struggling to get the right space for his business in the city.

“We’ve been trying to get into Aberdeen for ages. We’ve been struggling to get the right site. At last we’ve got a site and I think the ladies of Aberdeen are taking it to their heart. Aberdeen is not just a major Scottish city, it’s an international city. For us the demographics are right and it was always in our first 10 stores. But it has taken us this long.

“It’s not just a brand, it’s a lifestyle experience. We want to give them the experience – a speciality. When you go into the changing rooms it’s like nothing you’ve experienced before.”

For more details and to find your nearest Boux Avenue store click here


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