• January 2016

Top Tips for Saving Energy at Home

We all know we should be switching off lights when we leave a room and turning the TV off standby, but what can we do to really make a difference to our energy bills? Many of our standard home appliances will use up energy 24 hours a day, but with these simple tips, you’ll find it’s easier to cut back than you think. It’s not just cutting back that you want to think about, but also how much money you could save from doing this. Another thing that you could also consider would be using something like Simply Switch, as this is a company that can find you the cheapest energy providers for you, which means that you would save even more money! And saving money is something that everyone wants to do. It means you don’t have to worry about what you can and cannot afford anymore. So if you want to go out and treat yourself to a new memory foam mattress then do it, if you want to treat yourself to something fancy for dinner, then you can do it by following these tips.

Light up with solar power

The dark autumnal nights mean it’s the perfect time to light up your outdoor space, both for extra security and for adding decorative touches for the festive season. But outdoor lighting doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a fortune on your energy bills. With clever solar-powered lights, you can brighten up your pathways without electricity, and they’ll even light up automatically when it gets dark. These stylish Motion Sensor Bollards will light up when they sense movement so they’re ideal for brightening your porch or driveway.
Descale your appliances

It seems simple, but basic cleaning means your kitchen appliances will run more efficiently, which can help to reduce the amount of energy used to run them. For example, when you’re boiling the water for your morning cuppa, it will take more energy to boil if the element is clogged up with limescale. Choose descaler gels or granules to suit the type of appliance, then simply leave to work its magic overnight.
Defrost your freezer

When frost builds up in your freezer, it needs more energy to keep cool. But before you bring out the hairdryer and ice picks to start battling the build-up, it’s worth using an anti-frost mat anti-frost mat which is a great low-maintenance way to prevent ice blocks forming. Simply place it on the freezer shelf to keep your freezer frost-free and working at its best.
Halogen oven

A halogen oven not only cooks quicker than a standard oven but also uses up to 75% less energy, with no compromise on the end result. Simply add your ingredients, choose a setting and enjoy perfectly cooked vegetables and succulent meats every time.
Draught-proof your windows

When windows and doors are draughty, precious warm air can escape through the gaps, meaning our rooms feel cooler and we turn up the thermostat – not ideal for saving energy. But there is a quick solution. Effective draught-proofing can be done easily at home in just a few minutes using Stormguard rubber seals. Simply cut the strips to size and fit around the edges of your windows to seal up the gaps – it’s easy.
Follow our top tips to keep your home warm and cut back on your energy use – great for saving the pennies in the run-up to Christmas. If your windows seem to be letting a large amount of heat out, it may be time to get them replaced by a company such as Compare My Windows.
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