• April 2016


I can just remember sitting and sipping on my peppermint tea, day dreaming about Boux and all that it could be – with beautiful lingerie and nightwear to adorn you gorgeous ladies! Five years down the line it’s no longer a dream, Boux Avenue is here and loved my many.

Fabulous creations have come to life through the encouragement and eagerness I have received from our amazing customers. You lovely bunch have shared your love of lingerie across the UK and even internationally to help the Boux boudoir brand come to life!

Thank you for keeping me on my toes, with all your stories shared on our social media and by bringing in your family and friends to discover the world of Boux Avenue.

Now, cheers to you all – que the imaginary balloons and party poppers – I for one am excited about what’s to come in the next five years. For now, it’s a secret, but you can be a part of my lingerie love by following the peek-a-Bouxs and becoming a VIP customer.

Share the love you Boux babes!

Love Miss B x

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