• April 2016

What to Plant in April

Spring has finally sprung, which means it’s time to get out in the garden and start growing flowers for brightening up your pots and borders, and vegetables for tasty summer salads.

In the greenhouse/indoors

Some plants need a little extra warmth and protection to get started, so the greenhouse is the perfect place to sow seeds under cover until the plants are strong enough to move outdoors.


With brightly coloured red and orange blooms, marigolds make it easy to add some colour to your garden. Sow the seeds in a warm space in a greenhouse, then plant outdoors in a sunny position when all danger of frost has passed.

Runner beans

Runner beans are a British classic and it’s no wonder – they’re one of the easiest vegetables to grow. Sow them from mid-April in the greenhouse or on a sunny windowsill, then plant out from late May. They’re strong climbers, so it’s also a good idea to construct a support of bamboo canes. This will also make the beans easier to pick.



These bright and cheery flowers can be sown straight into the ground from around mid-April and will be ready to flower in August. Choose a sunny spot with plenty of space for them to reach their full height – sometimes up to 4m!

Wildflower seeds

Bees and butterflies will love the colourful blooms that will spring up wherever you sprinkle wildflower seeds. They grow best in beds and borders to create a colourful meadow from early summer. Cornflowers, poppies and corn cockle are popular choices.


This peppery salad ingredient will thrive when you sow the seeds in warm soil in a shady spot outdoors. They’ll need regular watering, so it can be easier to stand the pots in a container topped up with 2-3 inches of water.


Hailed as a superfood for its iron-rich properties, kale is not only a popular cook’s ingredient, but also great for gardeners because it’s low-maintenance and easy to grow. It will tolerate a wide variety of temperatures so you can sow the seeds straight into outdoor soil, then simply water generously to get them started.


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