• March 2016

Which Digital Storage Device Is Best For Me?

We are living in a digital era, a time when humans rely so heavily on technology that it has shaped the way we work and play.

Most of us don’t leave home without a device capable of capturing photos or video basically enabling us to create digital memories wherever we go! Add to that all of the music and video downloads plus digital content in the format of school or work files it’s easy to see how space and memory are at a premium.

If you are struggling to know which digital storage device is best for you and your needs we have pulled together a handy infographic. Looking at hard drives, USBs and of course The Cloud. The convenience of Cloud storage ensures that you can back up online and access your files and programs from any computer anywhere in the world!

Whatever your individual needs – from transferring last year’s holiday snaps on a storage device no bigger than your thumb to downloading the entire David Bowie back catalogue to a blank CD we have the answers of which external memory device is best for you.

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