Theo Surprises Teacher with Lessons from the Boardroom


In late February Theo headed to a North London school for a surprise visit to see whether he could help instill some lessons from the boardroom to a teacher battling with stress.

Low retention rates among teachers and a sharp increase in mental health issues in the profession has caused concern, with 75% of teachers reporting suffering symptoms of stress.

The teacher in question was led to believe that she was filming for a day-in-the-life of a maths teacher, however, she was very shocked when Theo walked into her lesson to chat to her about stress and managing workload!

At school, Theo had always enjoyed maths, so joined her lesson, helping children with their equations and even being put in his place by a few of them! He then sat down with the teacher to talk through how she felt about work, the pressure she put on herself and how she deals with stress.

A self-confessed perfectionist, she struggles not to constantly be on the go as she cares deeply for her class and year group. Theo spoke to her about managing stress by taking a step back, looking for the end goal rather than focussing so much on the here and now. He read out comments from her fellow teachers which were all fantastic, showing she needed to believe in herself more and ask others for help when needed.

Theo’s lessons from his time in business were a way of looking at her situation differently and at the end of the day she had decided to make changes to the way she approaches her workload and how she manages her stress - result!

To see the full video see the link below to the BBC Teach website: