Theo chats to BBC Breakfast and BBC 5 Live’s Wake up to Money about dyslexia


On 15th October Theo spoke to BBC Breakfast TV and BBC 5 Live’s ‘Wake up to Money’ show about how having dyslexia has brought about his success. A report released by charity Made by Dyslexia, showed that 40% of self made millionaires are dyslexia but yet only 4% of the public think that having dyslexia is a positive trait. The report also said that people with dyslexia have a "unique set of skills".  These include reasoning, communicating and visualising - all identified as key attributes for a modern workforce by the World Economic Forum.

Talking openly about the difficulties he faced during his years at school, Theo spoke about the benefits it has brought about for him in later life:

"For me dyslexia was an advantage, as painful as it was...If I hadn't had dyslexia I'm pretty certain I wouldn't be here today because I wouldn't have gone down the path I went down.

"Even as an 11-year-old I remember quite clearly learning to get round the things I had to do and finding another solution. Whatever it was I had to find another solution.

"It really gave me that confidence to be able to tackle anything in business, but not from an arrogant point of view or a false confidence, but how hard can it be? To look at the problem, break it down find a solution."

He added: "I think the early years of dyslexia, where you learn to deal with those issues, are the best lessons of life you're ever going to have."

Theo said that the reason many entrepreneurs are dyslexia is two-fold “one, they are good at problem solving, but secondly no one else would give them a job."