Theo opens new Belfast Boux Avenue store


Theo officially opened the 28th Boux Avenue store on the 4th February and said of the opening: "It's the 28th Boux store (in the UK). It's taken us an age to get here. It's taken a lot of time to get the right site, and when we did, it took us a long time to get through the deal," he said.


"Belfast is quite tight, and there are very few retail opportunities. You have got incredibly expensive business rates, some of the highest in the country, which makes it very difficult to be economically viable."

"For us, the hardest thing of all was dipping our toe in. We are here now. It's been tough, but we got here because we believe in Belfast."

“The great thing about Boux is whether you are 18 or 80 quite honestly there’s something for everybody. And it’s certainly a place where a mother and daughter can shop and there’s very few places in the fashion world where you can do that.

“It’s about you and the experience when you come to Boux Avenue. Boux Avenue means you. So it’s about things you enjoy, the service that you will get, the changing rooms, the experience.

"And when you buy something you’ll have a great experience buying it and when you put it on that’s how you are going to feel. And that’s the whole Boux Avenue experience.”

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