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EU Referendum barometerV11

EU Referendum barometerV11

I have never in my lifetime seen Great Britain relegated politically to the status of a Third World country - almost as if we are not entitled to our place at the world political table anymore.  All thanks to a visit from our close ally and ‘friend’, President Barack Obama. When did it happen that our best interests are only what America’s are?  Perhaps the special relationship is not quite so special after all. The USA say jump and our Prime Minister, democratically elected by the British people, David Cameron, is seen to be saying ‘how high Sir?’, appearing almost keen to cede democratic powers away from Parliament.

It really does feel that we have been de-valued to that of a Third World nation, no longer a historic and established world leader entitled to its own democracy.   It seems we are not masters of our own fate anymore, just another proxy for the USA to use as suits its current financial and political agenda.   Obama’s intervention is a disgraceful interference into our internal politics.  We’re not a Middle Eastern country ruled by a Dictator, wearing a mock military suit laden with gold braid and medals that can be overthrown in the best interests of the USA.  Harsh.  But, true.  Although, I would like to make clear at this point that whatever David Cameron wishes to wear in the privacy of his own home is purely his business!

It’s also an amazing admission by the President of the United States that Washington and the whole of the USA doesn’t have enough clever people who can walk and chew gum at the same time, who are available to negotiate a trade deal, and that we would have to join the back of the ‘queue’ until they finished negotiating their current deal with the EU, which by the way has already taken seven years, with no end in sight.  This is a case in point of what happens when you try and negotiate a deal in the best interests of 28 countries.  Who is going to believe that a negotiation of a UK trade deal isn’t possible in 24 months, here OR in the USA?  Certainly not me.

Many I know, just like me, would truly like to stay in the EU, but a much reformed EU - not as it is at the moment, thundering on in the direction that our EU friends want to take it, ie. more expansionist and federalist, never mind talk of a Euro Army.  Will this mean if we stay in the EU we will no longer have control of our sovereignty and Army?  And further, have some faceless person in Brussels deciding where and for what cause our brave boys and girls lay down their lives?  It certainly won’t be for Queen and Country if this happens.

Another thing tweaking the Theo-radar this week is the Junior Doctor’s Strike.  Never did I think I would see this strike.  I am old enough to remember the coal miners’ strike that led to a three day working week due to lack of power, where if we wanted to work we had to light a candle.  Wee Willie Winkie it was not!  It’s ok for Jeremy Hunt to say he no longer has a dog in the fight, as he said on Radio 4 this week that he is no longer looking for further political office, but it seems to be all about him and not the Great British public.  Whether he believes it or not, he has not done a great job and it takes two to tango.  In my personal opinion the NHS, the institution, is what makes this country great and special and should be treated as such.

I couldn’t go without mentioning Hillsborough, something that no person, football fan like me or not, could ignore.  Tuesday marked justice for the families and I hope they can take some solace from that, even though the time it has taken is beyond any reasonable person’s understanding

Lastly, with the arrival of Spring and calmer seas, the refugee crisis continues without much intervention from senior world leaders, other than to erect barbed wire fences across border-less borders.  Hoping that the whole issue will just go away by refugees drowning at sea, or suffering just enough, they will return willingly to certain persecution in their own country.  What the hell happened to humanity and EU leadership?

Every time I find fault with the world, I seem to be finding a direct link with the EU these days, which is very worrying because it makes me feel like the old Greek father in My Big Fat Greek Wedding whose resolution to any situation was the application of Windex!  And mine seems to be getting more and more towards coming to the conclusion that Out is better than In….need to go into a darkened room and check my sanity.

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